Writing Good Scholarship Essay Examples

Scholarships are a very common way of financing the education formost students. Since they are very popular among applicants, itis often difficult to enter these programs. You must impress andconvince the sponsor that you deserve this financial support.With an impressive, well-written, and well-thought-out essay, youwill easily achieve this.

As part of the application process for scholarship grants,applicants are given the opportunity to demonstrate theirstrengths, abilities, and personal qualities. A well-writtenessay can be the most convincing part of a statement. This is whyyou should devote enough time and attention to writing it.

Writing an essay is a common practice when applying for ascholarship. Therefore, before doing this, it will not besuperfluous to have 5–7 pre-written and checked good scholarshipessay examples. This will not only help speed up the applicationprocess, but will also allow more time to prepare applicationsfor other scholarships. Your pre-written essays may not fullycorrespond to the foregoing topics. In this case, you can usewhat is already written, and adjust it to the desired topic.

Some Possible Topics of the Essays

  • Common topics
  • Tell us about yourself
  • What are your personal qualities that will help you ingetting an education and job?
  • Who or what inspires you?
  • Tell us about the book you read or the article that inspiredyou.
  • Why do you need this scholarship?
  • Why is education important where you live?
  • Tell us about something that you did in the last year, whichhas changed the place where you live for the better.
  • What would you like to do to change the world for the better?
  • Do you consider yourself a leader? Why or why not?
  • Tell us what you would suggest improving or resolving currentproblems, for example, with health, economics, discrimination, oranother relevant topic of your choice.

In addition to these general topics, the scholarship essay mayrequire you to answer questions about your field of study,personal achievements, past experience and influence, futuregoals, financial needs, etc. To test your ability toindependently solve problems and understand current problems, theapplication can also ask questions about current events andsocial issues. Most of these questions are designed so that youcan demonstrate your motivation, vision, and creativity. Thesequestions will also give you an opportunity to talk about yourmost outstanding qualities and abilities.

Brainstorming Ideas

All good scholarship essay examples imply an analysis of personalexperience or attitude to a particular problem. As always, themost difficult thing is to begin. The following question groupsshould help you generate the initial ideas:

  • What are your main achievements and why do you consider themachievements? Do not confine yourself to formally recognizedachievements – perhaps you have some personal victories that areachievements in the context of your life. Formal achievements canbe listed in a resume or questionnaire.
  • Do you have any characteristics, qualities, skills thatdistinguish you from others? How did you develop them?
  • Are there films, books, works of art that have influencedyour worldview or experience? Why do you like them?
  • Is there a period in your life that has been most difficultfor you and why? How has your worldview changed as a result ofthe difficulties experienced?
  • Did you have to struggle passionately for anything and as aresult achieved your goal? What have you done well?
  • Have you had to struggle passionately for anything and as aresult was defeated? What was your reaction to failure?
  • What would you most like to do now? Where would you like tobe? With whom of the people you would most like to spend time?These questions should help you formulate what you love most.
  • Have you ever experienced the feeling of enlightenment, as ifyou did not notice any things and phenomena before?
  • What is the main feature of your character? Do you havestrong beliefs or commitment to certain principles? How wouldyour friends describe you? What would they write about, if theywrote the motivation letter for you?
  • What do you do outside of school and how does this indicatethat you have the qualities that correspond to the goals of thegrant program? Which of these qualities are most important toyou?
  • What are you dreaming about? What in 30 years will make youconsider your life successful? How does this grant program fitinto your future plans?

This stage should be given not less than one or two weeks.

Selecting a Theme

The theme should comply with the mission and objectives of thescholarship.

It is necessary to study the mission and goals of theorganization that provides scholarships. Understanding themission and goals of financial donors should suggest the choiceof the main theme of the essay. For example, take a look at theHill Foundation mission.

Proceeding from this information, one of the themes of the essaycan be devoted to the substantiation of the personal andprofessional goals of the candidate in the context of his visionof the development of his country, which he will be able torealize at Oxford in the chosen specialty.

Look at good scholarship essay examples to better understand howto write your own paper.

Respond to the Assumed Question

Often in a motivation letter you need to answer a certainquestion. In general, the question can look like anything, forexample “why do you think you should get a grant?” or “why didyou decide to participate in this grant program?” etc.

In fact, it is important to understand the subtext of any suchquestion and formulate your thoughts in such a way as to answerthe implicitly posed question.

If the grant competition is conducted among candidates applyingfor a business program, the simple question “why do you want tostudy business?” actually implies a deeper question “why do youwant to study business and why do you think that you are thefuture business guru, to whom we must give our money?”

Formulate the Main Idea

Scholarship essay should be imbued with one main idea. Forexample, “Sports activities have brought up in me the desire andability to always achieve results.” If you cannot formulate themain idea of your paper in one sentence, then, it is not obviousor completely absent.

Write the Text

  • Tell about yourself. It is quite obvious that by limiting to500–1,000 words it is impossible in a scholarship essay to tellabout all aspects of your life. This is not required. If youdecide to tell about activities, expand only one of the mostinteresting aspects of it. For example, describe an event inwhich you participated and which made a huge impact on you.
  • Show enthusiasm. Essay should radiate enthusiasm and apassion for what you write about. If you write about activitiesor areas of interest that you are really passionate about, itwill be much easier for you to compose an interesting text.Therefore, write about what you are not indifferent to.
  • Be specific. Avoid general phrases and clichés, for example,“Education is the key to success.” It will be more correct totalk about how education affected your destiny by the example ofsome event from your life. If you write about your desire tobecome a biologist, you can tell about how this desire was born.Specific examples make the motivation letter memorable andunique, because each person has a different life experience.
  • Show your achievements. The victory in the competition forawarding a grant is reduced to making a favorable impression onthe members of the competitive commission and to convince themthat you are the worthiest candidate. Your achievements, awards,talents, and activities are suitable to emphasize yourexclusivity. However, do not list everything in a row. For this,there is a resume and a questionnaire. In an essay, only one ortwo of the most noteworthy achievements should be covered moredeeply. Incorporate them into the general context and mentionimportant details. This will allow you to explain thesignificance of your achievements, which may not be so obvious inthe summary.
  • Avoid complaints. If the main theme of your motivationalletter is “I deserve to receive a grant because of thedifficulties I have experienced,” it is unlikely that you willwin the contest. Other candidates also have problems in theirlives. However, not problems make us unique, but how we deal withthem. If you write about your difficulties, it’s better to showhow you overcome them, what you managed to achieve in spite ofthese difficulties.

Be Positive

Good scholarship essay examples should not sound pessimistic,belligerent, or critical.

This does not mean that every word should radiate positive orthat one should not write on serious topics. However, one shouldnot concentrate entirely on negative aspects. Show that you areoptimistic and constructive about the world.

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