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Strategies for Calculating the Shelf Life of Foods

Info Booklet to get the Food Sector

Published in February june 2006 by New Zealand Food Safety Authority PO Package 2835, Wellington, New Zealand ISBN 0-478-07865-X This record is available on the New Zealand Food Safety Authority's site: Disclaimer Every work has been made to ensure the information in this distribution is correct. NZFSA does not recognize any responsibility or liability whatsoever for just about any error of fact, omission, interpretation or opinion which may be present, however it may possess occured.

A Gu i actually d electronic t to C a l cu l a t i n g t l e She lf Lif e of Foods

A Guide to Calculating the Shelf Life of Foods

Details Booklet pertaining to the Food Industry


Tips t to Calculat e t this individual S hel f D i conviccion of Farrenheit oods


The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and Wellness Protection Officers regularly deal with enquiries they offer life and date marks on food. This Guide to Calculating the Shelf Life of Foods contains background information on the factors that influence life and a procedure to assist you to compute the shelf life of food. Although the life and particular date mark requirements are detailed in legal guidelines, the guide provides assist with meet these types of requirements and really should be browse in conjunction with the Quotes New Zealand Food Specifications Code. Classic sectors with the food sector have attained valuable encounter in establishing the shelf life of perishable foods but with changes in legislation and the increasing range of ready-to-eat, short shelf life foods you will find increasing numbers of food requiring time markings and specific storage area conditions. The increased availability of ready-to-eat food with prolonged refrigerated corner lives offers resulted in the need for the food market to employ actions to reduce the potential for bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes and Clostridium botulinum to be present in foods in numbers that result in a threat to well being. This updated guide is made up of sections about points that needs to be considered when ever determining the shelf life of foods which have been capable of supporting regarding these creatures. Calculating a realistic shelf life and date indicate for foodstuff helps ensure the safety and top quality of foodstuff sold

Who will be this Guide suitable for?

This guide was written to assist anyone who is providing information on the shelf life of food. It offers relevant history on life and outlines a lot of approaches that can be used to determine that.


A Gu i actually d elizabeth t u C a l cu l a t we n g t h e The lady lf Lif e of Foods


What is life? Is the shelf life of meals related to meals safety? Precisely what are the rules relating to shelf life? Who is responsible for calculating a shelf life? Who influences the shelf life? Elements influencing the shelf life of any product Just what shelf life research? Step by step dedication of life by the direct method What are indirect strategies? What is concern testing? Appendix 1: Suggestions for microbiological examination of ready-to-eat foods Appendix 2: Dedication of life of food capable of supporting Listeria monocytogenes Appendix 3: Prolonged shelf life food and Clostridium botulinum Appendix 4: Contacts Appendix 5: Publications Appendix 6: Further more reading 5 4 5 5 six 7 8 9

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What is shelf life?

Shelf life is known as a guide intended for the consumer of the period of time that food can be kept just before it begins to deteriorate, provided any explained storage circumstances have been followed. The shelf life of a item begins in the time the foodstuff is prepared or made. Its duration is dependent about many elements including the types of materials, manufacturing method, type of presentation and how the food is stored. It is suggested by labelling the product using a date draw.

Is the life of meals related to...


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