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Molarity Worksheet #1identifiera ____________________

1 ) What does molarity mean?

Quantity of moles of solute

1 liters solution

installment payments on your What is the molarity of a solution which contains 4. 53 moles of lithium nitrate in 2 . 85 l of solution?

4. 53 mol LiNO3 = 1 ) 59 Meters LiN03

2 . 85 L soln

3. What is the molarity of a remedy that contains 0. 00372 moles hydrochloric chemical p in installment payments on your 39 by 10-2 liters of option?

0. 00372 mol HCL = 0. 156 Meters HCL

2 . 39x10-2 L soln

4. A flask includes 85. a few g C12H22O11 (sucrose) in 1 . 00 liters of solution. What is the molarity?

85. 5g sucrose back button 1 mol sucrose sama dengan 0. two hundred fifty M sucrose

1 . 00 M soln 342. 34g sucrose

5. A beaker consists of 214. 2 grams osmium (III) fluoride in zero. 0673 lt of solution. What is the molarity?

214. 2g OsF3 x you mol OsF3 = doze. 9 M OsF3

0. 0673 M soln 247. 23g OsF3

6. Calculate the molarity if a flask contains 1 ) 54 skin moles potassium sulfate in a hundred and twenty-five ml of solution.

1 . 54 mol K2SO4 sama dengan 12. a few M K2SO4

0. 125 M soln

six. A chalice contains thirty six. 45 grams ammonium chlorite in installment payments on your 36 l of remedy - calculate the molarity.

36. 45g NH4ClO2 by 1 mol NH4ClO2 = 0. 181 M NH4ClO2

installment payments on your 36 T soln eighty-five. 50g NH4ClO2

8. What is the molarity of a option that contains 16. 92 grams magnesium oxalate in several. 65 ml of answer?

14. 92g MgC2C4 times 1 mol MgC2C4 = 36. some mol MgC2C4

zero. 00365 D soln 112. 32g MgC2C4

9. What mass of lithium phosphate would you mass to make 2 . 5 liter of 1. summer M lithium phosphate option?

2 . your five L soln x 1 ) 06 mol Li3PO4 by 115. 79g Li3PO4 sama dengan 310g Li3PO4

1 L soln 1 mol Li3PO4

12. If you evaporated 250. cubic centimeters of a several. 5 M solution of iron (II) nitrite, what mass of iron (II) nitrite would you recover?

zero. 250 M soln by 3. five mol...


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