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1 ) Future

installment payments on your Staffing

several. Departmentation

5. Acceptance Theory

5. Decentralization

6. Master Chart

7. Downward Conversation

8. Sociable Needs

9. Staffing Identified

10. Therapies


1 . So what do you understand by Maslow's Theory of Motivation?

According to " Abraham Maslow” the behaviour of the individual in a particular moment is usually dependant upon his best need. Demands have a particular priority or hierarchy. Because the more standard needs are satisfied a person seeks to meet the higher demands. If his basic demands are not met, efforts to fulfill the higher demands should be delayed. Once a require is satisfied it loses the capacity to induce the man to work. Simply unsatisfied requires or clean needs may motivate people to operate.

As soon as the reduced needs happen to be satisfied. Individuals on the next higher level arise. Thus, this individual considered an individual's motivation behaviour as a established order of needs. In respect to Maslow, the basic individual needs will be set in a hierarchy the following: 1 . Physical Needs.

2 . Security and safety Needs

3. Sociable Needs

some. Esteem or ego requirements

5. Self – actualization needs.

2 . Define Managing By Goals.

According to John Modest - Supervision By Targets or " MBO can be described as dynamic system which works with the company's need to achieve the goals to get profit and growth, while using manager's have to contribute and develop himself. ” In other words, MBO is known as a dynamic system of management; that recognizes the need of the director to achieve also to grow on the job and it integrates the needs plus the organisational requirements.

George Oriorne - " MBO can be described as system where the excellent and the subordinate manager of your organisation jointly define its common goals, define every single individual's key areas of responsibility in terms of the results anticipated of him and employ these actions as courses for functioning the unit and assessing the contribution of each of its members. ” According to Reddin, the MBO system means:

Every manager pinpoints his essential effectiveness locations where he ought to show results. Establishment of objectives in such success areas.

This kind of objectives should be quantified and time certain.

Horizontal conjunction and top to bottom linking of such objectives in the company. Individual objectives should be associated with and be section of the total business plan.

several. Differentiate between co – ordination and co – operation.

The difference between co-ordination and co-operation is delineated. The concept of co-ordination is much broader than those of co-operation. a) Co-ordination can be an organised arrangement of group attempts to provide unanimity of action in the pursuit of common objectives. It means bringing together the efforts of different aspects of the enterprise in order to give them a oneness of method. But assistance denotes the collective initiatives by the persons working in the organisation under your own accord to accomplish a particular purpose. b) Co-ordination can be described as deliberate hard work by the administration for the achievement of certain desired goals. It is authentic that existence of co-operation among the people of a group facilitates co-ordination. c) But co-ordination does not originate from the voluntary work of the group associates. It has to be achieved by the conscious efforts in the management. Effective co-ordination may not be achieved with no actual assistance of the group users. Co-ordination devoid of cooperation and cooperation devoid of co-ordination happen to be fatal to the enterprise. As a matter of fact, cooperation without co- ordination has no fruits and co-ordination without cooperation has no main.

4. Write short note in `Acceptance theory'.

Acceptance theory is a theory which says that power is the power that is acknowledged by others. Formal power is reduced to nominal authority whether it is not accepted by the subordinates. The subordinates accept the authority in the event the advantages to become derived by its acceptances exceed the...


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